Song List Title – Alpha

What is this site? Why does it look like 1994?

This site is intended as a master list of lyrics and other song info for the musical works of TK Major. It was not designed for the public, but, rather, designed as a central, reachable-from-anywhere repository of song info for personal use of the notoriously lyric-memory-averse Major, who is lucky to remember more than 2 or 3 of his 160+ songs at any given point in time. But the public is welcome to browse and TK encourages other musicians to cover his works (with proper credit, of course). To hear acoustic versions of the songs, click the Search AYoS link under the song title on individual song pages, which will return results from a title search of TK’s A Year of Songs acoustic songwriting blog. (All but a few of these songs have appeared there.) The color scheme was not intended as gamer-friendly so much as battery-saving on tablets and phones. CONTACT TK if you have questions.

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